Fighting Sides : Haven’t Scored Yet

Last month, pop-punk group Fighting Sides released their newest EP, Haven’t Scored Yet. For only being about 12 minutes long, the 4 tracks show lots of promise. Fighting Sides, comprised of Robbie Hiser (vocals), Alex Downtain (guitar), Arafat Patwary (bass), and Sheppard Martin (drums), have done an excellent job at combining a variety of sounds in their rock-influenced tracks with indie undertones.

Fighting Sides Art

Haven’t Scored Yet showcases Hiser’s vocal confidence, especially in the second track on the EP, “Stand Tall”. Starting off with a bubbly intro that crescendos into a full on pop-punk tune, it combines the elements of a powerful voice, crisp drums, and balanced guitar chords, rendering it as the unusual (but wonderful) love child of Jack’s Mannequin and Neon Trees.

What struck me as the most appealing when I first heard the fourth track, “Let Me Be”, was that it started off with punk-driven guitar riffs, yet smoothly transitioned into a more indie-like melody. All the meanwhile, Fighting Sides still maintained a rock integrity. “Let Me Be” especially reminded of A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out era Panic! at the Disco, which is impressive to be compared to as such a young band.

Fighting Sides proved that despite their recent emergence on the music scene, they have already shown vast amounts of talent. I see a very bright future ahead of them. Be sure to check out their new EP, Haven’t Scored Yet, below!

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