Review: The Griswolds and Magic Man with Tim Moon

This past Wednesday, Australia-based band The Griswolds and Magic Man returned to Cleveland on the Hotline Spring tour. Unfortunately, Panama Wedding was unable to make the Cleveland date, so local act Tim Moon joined the two bands at The Beachland Ballroom for a fun night.

Tim Moon opened the show with a strong set which lasted about half an hour. He was very animated and engaging throughout the set, even taking the time to sing a chorus or two directly to Sophie. Their music is characterized by various pop and pop punk undertones. Time Moon recently released a new record named Solace. One of the set highlights was the performance of their cover of ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ by the Killers.

Sydney-based band, The Griswolds, were up next. The crowd was most impressive, belting out the lyrics to every song – even the catching on to the hooks of their new, unreleased  track ‘Get Into My Heart.’ If I had to choose a couple they went particularly crazy for, it would have to be their hit songs ‘If You Wanna Stay’ and ‘Beware the Dog.’ The band did an awesome job of creating a dynamic set, which was strong from start to finish and never lagged in between. There was a great mix of old and new songs, hits and other tracks. Some of the other songs from the night included ‘Be Impressive,’ ‘Right on Track,’ and ‘Mississippi.’

Boston-based band, Magic Man, was last to perform with their ethereal harmonies and electro-pop qualities. Like The Griswolds, they introduced a couple of new tracks throughout the night. These were entitled ‘Sleepwalking’ and ‘Young Blood.’ The band briefly discussed the new record which they have been working on diligently for a while. The night also included performances of tracks like ‘Waves,’ ‘Every Day,’ and ‘Tonight.’ The band was very responsive to the crowd, even playing an older, requested song, ‘Chicagoland.’ The band’s unique cover of ‘Dancin In the Dark’ by Bruce Springsteen was also a crowd favorite. Magic Man completed their set with the performance of their hit ‘Paris’ before The Griswolds came onstage to join in on an awesome cover of R Kelly’s ‘Ignition.’

Don’t forget to check out more of Sophie’s shots in our gallery!

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