News: Paramore Announces New Album

by Lu Laurent

It’s been a busy four years since Paramore released their last self-titled record, between world tours, cruises, the departure of bassist Jeremy Davis and much more. But rest assured, the band is back up and swinging with their most recent song, “Hard Times”, the first single off of their upcoming album, After Laughter, the fifth in their full-feature studio discography.


On April 19th, the trio published their music video for the single, and right off the bat, the return of drummer Zac Farro isn’t the only thing that’s new to this era for Paramore. “Hard Times” debuts a new sound far from their previous roots, yet still honed in on their truth; it makes you want to dance around and shake it all off, it makes you want to live your life. The lyrics and music still resonate and have that wonderful Paramore touch to them and their adventure.


Along with their journey into a different sound, “Hard Times” also brought a new aesthetic to explore with this side of Paramore. The video is full of 80’s-esque visuals, from bizarre, bright colours and patterns to flashing neon lights and everything in between. It’s clear the band have big, exciting plans and heavily thought out concepts for the future that lies ahead and their forthcoming record. Now, we all wait to see what’s next, buzzing with anticipation.

Paramore’s After Laughter drops May 12th, and is available for pre-order in their store. You can also catch them this summer on their European tour or at their festival appearances.


Tracklist for After Laughter:

1. Hard Times
2. Rose-Colored Boy
3. Told You So
4. Forgiveness
5. Fake Happy
6. 26
7. Pool
8. Grudges
9. Caught In The Middle
10. Idle Worship
11. No Friend
12. Tell Me How

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