Interview – Omega Swan

Nashville’s Omega Swan recently released a new track, “What’s Ur Damage?.” The trio is comprised of Marcus Garceau (guitar, vocals, synthesizers), Will Burgess (bass) and Aaron Westine (drums). The new track features futuristic qualities paired with rock vocals. This spring, the band has been competing for a chance to perform at this year’s Bonnaroo festival. Learn more about Omega Swan from their responses and be sure to check out “Autonation” and “What’s Ur Damage?”.

Three words to describe the band?

Rock and Roll Ω


What is the story/meaning behind the name, Omega Swan?

Similar to the ugly duckling, the Omega Swan is the unexpected hero.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Watching films. We are big horror fans…The Devil’s Candy is a recent favorite. We highly recommend it.


Who is the pickiest eater?

Aaron exclusively eats farm-grown all natural food from Farmer Todd, so Aaron.


How often and how long do you practice together?

We like to refer to it as training, and we train like athletes these days… a lot.


How would you describe your writing process?

It varies from song to song, but overall it’s quite a collaborative process. We typically start with a riff or lyric idea, and I (Marcus) will spend time in solitude structuring and re-structuring the song like a puzzle until it flows. Then we’ll take it into the shed together and hash out each section, transition, and the arrangement. We record everything in rehearsal and will spend time listening back and analyzing each part of the song until it feels right.


Can you talk about the inspiration behind the new track, “What’s Ur Damage?”?

The song was inspired by a dream sequence in S02 of Mr. Robot where Darlene asks Elliot “What’s your damage?”, a reference to the 80’s film Heathers. Both Mr. Robot and Heathers feature Christian Slater as a main character, which is the connection there and probably how that phrase got pulled into.

I thought the phrase had a lot of attitude, and I hadn’t heard it before. It sounded like a song title to me….and here we are.


Nashville looks good on you guys. How has your sound evolved?

When we started we were more worried about throwing a good party – and that’s how we sounded. We were throwing and playing house shows on a regular basis, something that we have to thank Nashville for. The house show scene here really is incredible.That element is still a part of the band, and we can absolutely throw a good party 🙂

These days we’re more focused on writing songs, and making records. We’ve learned a lot over the years, and really found ourselves in the studio. That’s our focus now, and as our records improve, our live show takes leaps and bounds as well.


How is your new material different from previous releases?

I describe it like this – when you have a vision, at first, it’s almost as if the vision is an object standing far off in the fog. As you take steps closer to the object – by spending time on your craft, training, digging in – the object becomes clearer and clearer…the vision becomes more realized. What we are doing now is a much more developed version of the vision we’ve had for this band since its beginning.


What are your favorite tracks to play live?

That’s a tough question and although we don’t have any, feels similar to having to pick a favorite child. We love playing them all the same 🙂


What do you typically do post-gig?

Keep the party going!


What has been one of your most rewarding experiences as a band?

Hearing our songs on TV was cool. Overall, the fact that songs keep coming to us is a huge reward in itself….some people don’t have an outlet like we do. I consider that the biggest reward.


Any new music we should check out?

We’re playing with an incredible band, Goodbye June, at their album release show on May 5th at the Basement East in Nashville. I’ve had a chance to hear the album, and it’s balls to the wall Rock n’ Roll. Keep an eye out for that one – it’s fantastic.


Favorite 90’s jam?

Say My Name – Destiny’s Child…or What a Girl Wants Xtina.


What is something odd you want fans to know about you?

We listen to the same Brian Eno song on repeat in-between training sessions. It’s called Thursday Afternoon….


Bigfoot: real or hoax?



What can we expect from Omega Swan in 2017?

Much more music and a new and improved live show. Can’t wait for y’all to see it 🙂 Ω


Omega Swan : Official Website | Facebook | Twitter

Kryptonite : Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Facebook

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