Review: Welshly Arms & The Moxies with Thaddeus Anna Greene

Thaddeus Anna Greene opened the show with a notable set. It was the perfect length and the band played a variety of songs including their own music, gospel, and covers such as “Purple Rain.” The 4-piece is the perfect mix of soul, blues, and rock n roll. Their single “Don’t Look” was released this spring and is available on Bandcamp and iTunes.





I’m sure most of you are already aware of the love and support that we have for The Moxies and that this is our third time writing a piece on them. We met the band in the beginning of summer when they played at the Agora and were lucky enough to set up an interview before the show. The second time we saw them perform was at Unite CLE, an event started to bring Cleveland’s underground music scene to light. Tonight’s show was noteworthy not just because of their thrilling performance but the change in venue. With extra room, Marco frolicked around the stage during the whole set and broke every guitar string before the last song was even over. It is obvious how much fun the band has performing and how infectious it is to the crowd. Their setlists are smartly arranged and their performances simply intoxicating. They invite everyone to their free fan appreciation show in September at the Agora.






Welshly Arms is a 4-piece Cleveland-based rock n roll band that finds inspiration in musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Prince, and Radiohead. Their music reminds me of bands such as Pickwick, little hurricane, and Cold War Kids. It has obvious pop influences and the instrumental groove is the source of its bluesy feel. Their sound has a strong drum beat presence and reverberating vocals though I find it to be mostly guitar driven. The band also used bottle caps and cow bells while performing different songs. They released a new single named “Dirty Work” this summer and an EP earlier this year consisting of 6 different covers which you can stream on their website.







– Victoria Race

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