Interview – The Erienauts

We’ve seen our next featured band, the Erienauts, perform at the Agora twice. We first saw this local band at Unite CLE III and once with the Moxies in late September. With great guitar riffs and rock n roll quality, their music sounds like an old vinyl just dug up from the 80’s. Their debut release came out last July and they already have new material for their next record. They like to keep their bio to a minimum so I sent over some fill in the blanks to find out more about this obscure band.


Our names are….Brendan Provenzale (bass/ vocals), Pat Fleming (guitar/ vocals), Ryan Fletterick (guitar).. and we currently don’t have an official drummer.

The meaning behind our name Erienauts is…. we don’t really know haha, our friend Bart came up with it and we just kept it.

We met each other…. Well Pat and I (Brendan) had a basement project a few years ago, then Ryan would come jam at my house with another mutual friend.. so we all met through other people, with music as the goal, and when my old band parted ways we all got back together… and here we are a year later.

The pickiest eater in the band is…. Ryan? He eats the healthiest haha so I guess him.

The most OCD member is…. probably me haha. (Brendan)

For fun we like to…. hang out, get drunk, play music, skateboard, keep rock and roll alive.

We’re currently listening to…. that U2 record that I can’t delete from my phone.

We find inspiration from…. our weird lives.

If we play another band’s music it’s…. covers that are over 20 years old haha, we’ve done Sam Cooke’s “Twistin’ the Night Away” and Nirvana’s “Aneurysm.”

The first song we wrote together was titled….”Washed Up”

The member(s) who writes most of our songs is…. We all write them together, I kind of start things at home then we all come together and make them what they are.

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is…. to call your mom back, it’s probably been a couple days.

Our craziest or most memorable gig was…. one time at Now That’s Class people kept bringing us Maddogs on stage.. we got pretty drunk.  Our record release was pretty wild, too.  Part of my bass finally broke on our last song and smashed a beer bottle on stage, which wasn’t smart cause there was glass all over my stuff/ my hand and we did an encore.

The furthest we’ve ever traveled for a gig was…. Toledo.. however far that is from Cleveland haha.

Our last meals would be…. probably pizza.. a lot of pizza… and more beer.

In the next six months you should expect….us to open for Miley Cyrus at the Q and sell 2 million mp3’s.



– Victoria Race

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