Interview – Brede Baldwin

Brede Baldwin is a 15-year-old singer songwriter from Chicago whose sound combines the genres of alternative, pop, and rock. He composes his own songs using the piano and bass and the first single from his 2014 EP Broadcast is titled “Collide.” It has an anthemic quality and is driven by a strong beat and haunting, reverberating lyrics. My favorite song on the record is “Alive” because of its energy. His influences obviously include artists such as Muse, Pearl Jam and some newer artists like the Naked and Famous or Youngblood Hawke. His music resounds within you and it’s hard not to find inspiration and emotion in his lyrics. He was more than happy to answer the following fill in the blanks for us.



Three words I’d use to describe myself are….Loud, excited, active

My favorite season is….Fall!

For fun I like to….Play music, play sports, and hang out with friends

I started playing the piano and bass….I started playing the piano when I was about 4, but never actually started getting at least slightly proficient till I was 11. I started playing bass when I was 12 and I love playing both instruments.

I knew I wanted to pursue music when….After I had written my first song when I was 12, (even though it wasn’t very good) I new that’s what I really enjoyed doing and that’s what I wanted to do with my career.

The first song I wrote was…. “Madness” which I wrote for a school project when I was 12. I recorded it in a small local studio and made Cd’s of it for my class but the song never left the school.

I find inspiration from….Whatever type of music I an listening to around that time. If I’m in a rock type of mood listening to rock music I’ll write something more grungy, but if I’m in a happy poppy mood I’ll write something more upbeat.

My favorite song of all time is…. “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam

I’m currently listening to….The Arctic Monkeys, Muse, Pearl Jam, The 1975, Two Door Cinema club, etc. I know, very diverse.

Broadcast was recorded in….All over the place really. I recorded the 4 songs in different states at much different times. I wrote some of the songs here in Chicago and some of them in Virginia. The songs were even mixed on opposite sides of the world! There was someone mixing the vocals in Virginia and someone mixing the track in Australia at one point!

The best thing about releasing Broadcast has been….The experience of meeting so many influential people and forming great relationships with people that inspire me to continue the journey as a musician.

One thing I want people to remember while listening to my music is….There is nothing you are supposed to feel. The music is supposed to trigger whatever emotion or relation that you want it to.

My last meal would be….Anytime you ask me I will say pizza.

My favorite words to live by are…. “Always look on the bright side.”

In the next six months you should expect….much, much, much more music!



– Victoria

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