The Well Reds : Volume

wellreds-20 Aaron Schorch Photography


The Well Reds, a pop-rock quartet from Atlanta, GA are dropping their album Volume on November 10th. The band is made up of Torin Degnats, Jeremy Ezell, and brothers Sean and Rex Crawford. Volume features 11 tracks including their singles “BPM (I Feel Rhythm)” and “Carousels.” They tracked the record during 2013 and it was fully completed by early 2014. At this time, I sense that “BPM (I Feel Rhythm)” best represents the band and their hopes for the future. I enjoy its dynamic vocals, strong rhythm, progressive melodies and intriguing percussion. “The Shadow” immediately caught my attention because of the reverberating lyrics and haunting tone. I love the harmonies present in “Suburbs” and the song’s anthemic qualities but my favorite track off the record is “Sink With Me.” I was first drawn to it because of its country feel and stirring, emotional lyrics. The band released a video for “Carousels” last April which you can view below. Overall, I believe that The Well Reds did a great job on Volume and they should be proud of the new record. Fans of artists such as The Fray, One Republic, and Imagine Dragons better get excited this November because once they release Volume, The Well Reds will become ones to follow.

– Victoria

(Photos courtesy of Aaron Schorch)

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