Interview – Across The Viaduct

Our next fill in the blanks come from an unsigned, 4-piece alternative band from Canton, Ohio. Since forming several years ago, Across The Viaduct has established themselves utilizing the local music scene. They put out their last record in 2012, an 8-track EP titled Hopes and Telescopes. Across The Viaduct worked with Unsigned Ohio and J. Emerick Cinema & Photo to release a music video for their new single just last month. The song is titled “Night Shift” and it comes from their new 6-track EP. The Under Your Skin record has just been released so I sent over some fill in the blanks to learn more about the band and their music.


Our names are….

  • Steven Turner (vocals, guitar)
  • Devon Warren (vocals, guitar)
  • Nathan Clapper (bass)
  • Nate Bauman (percussion)

Our name Across the Viaduct comes from….our home town of Massillon/Canton, Ohio. This is our metaphor for leaving this town. Across The Viaduct is our escape into the rest of the world.

We met each other….all growing up in school, we had band together. When we got to the end of high school we would already moving along as an upcoming band, then we met Devon through some friends from of another local band. We’ve all been friends ever since.

The pickiest eater(s) in the band are….with out a doubt the Nathan’s.

Our most OCD member is….Clapper, in the midst of his chaoticness he always seems to have a place for everything.

For fun we like to….explore and take random road trips to places we’ve never been. You can never see enough of the world.

We’re currently listening to….Tigers Jaw, The Story So Far, John Mayer and Balance and Composure.

We find inspiration from….our long nights and uneasy brains.

One thing to remember while listening to us is…. “thank you for understanding.”

The member who does most of our writing is….we don’t actually have a member who does the most writing, we all have our roles and we all fulfill them.

Our new CD Under Your Skin was recorded in….the basement of our very own Steven Turner’s house. “Turner Sound Studios.”

If we play another band’s music it….has to make stop acting cool in the back of the room and yell the lyrics as loud as possible.

Our most memorable show/moment we have had as a band is….it would have to be the night we opened up for Handguns and State Champs in Cleveland at the Grog Shop needless to say it was an interesting night.

Our last meals would be….lasagna, steak, a large pizza, and El Camps.

In the next 6 months you should expect….lots of new music in the making, never slowing down.

Love, ATV.

– Victoria

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