Before The Streetlights : Highways

Indiana-based pop/punk band, Before The Streetlights, recently released a new record consisting of 3 tracks. Their sound obviously draws from their favorite childhood artists such as Blink-182 and All Time Low. I find them most comparable to All Time Low because the songs have anthemic qualities and plenty of harmonies.


My favorite track from Highways is “18 After All” because of the lyrical story and meaning behind the song. Yes, the song has a desired audience but who cares? Not all music is intended for every age. Of the three, my least favorite track is “More Than A Miracle” but only because I find it to be less catchy than the other two. “18 After All” and “Grew Up, Get Out” practically beg for you to sing along. When I first viewed the album, I found the title of “Grew Up, Get Out” intriguing. Similar to “18 After All,” the lyrics are about growing older and reminiscing about the past. I’d anticipate these tracks to sound the best live and be fan favorites.

Overall, I think Before The Streetlights did a great job in terms of variation. I think that it can be especially difficult within the pop/punk genre to release such diverse songs when everything can start to sound so similar. In the future, I’d love to see the band release something more stripped down or maybe some acoustic renditions. Be sure to check out their recent music video for “18 After All” below.

– Victoria

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