The Weekend Classic : “Fireworks” & “Dread The Weather”

The Weekend Classic is a pop punk band from Madison, Indiana comprised of members Chris Webster, Christian Richards, Brandon Boldery, and Ryan Wells. This 4-piece is about to release a split EP with Before The Streetlights titled The Indiana Split/EP. This fall, the band released two songs titled “Dread The Weather” and “Fireworks.”

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“Fireworks” is a simple, short song with sparse lyrics. Even though it’s barely over two minutes in length, it has great dynamics. Starting slow with a mellow guitar presence, it features a cool breakdown halfway and finally comes full circle to a sedated ending. My favorite lines are “How could this have ever been a happy ending without you” and “You couldn’t trust my word, now I am walking out honest again.”

Their second song, “Dread The Weather,” is similar to your typical pop punk track. It’s significantly longer than “Fireworks” and has both a strong guitar and drum presence. “Dread The Weather” is less dynamic but I don’t mean that negatively. I think the chorus is very important to the song and I love how it is incorporated in the track. Especially in the end when “Its kinda pointless to dread the weather here, told all my friends I’d be gone by next year” becomes “Don’t dread the weather, I’ll be home next year.” Also, the track ends with a tasteful scream that reminds me of The Wonder Years and Citizen.

The Weekend Classic is currently working on their new joint EP with Before The Streetlights. The Indiana Split/EP is set to be released in 2015 and each band will record two tracks. The Weekend Classic will be releasing “Bedroom Window” (acoustic) and “You’re History” (featuring Josh Courtney of Before The Streelights). I can’t wait to see where this release takes the band because I think they’re becoming a force to be reckoned with. Keep an eye out for the EP but in the meantime, check out the music video for “Dread The Weather” below.



– Victoria

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